The Cunningham Intervention Services was formed in 2008 by Ian Cunningham. CIS is based out of Atlanta, but provide services globally. Ian started this company after having the opportunity of working with families who had been through some of the same challenges he had that life throws you. He saw the hardship of how his family and other families had been affected and needed dependable guidance. From that point on, he realized that he wanted to do what he could to help families as he was helped. It takes one traveling down the wrong road to understand how to turn around get back on the right road to a healthy and successful lifestyle.

Ian's driving passion and dedication in assisting others to overcome their struggles through intervention and counseling makes him a formidable force. Interventions and counseling requires a breadth and depth of skills and caring for others through a challenging time. The Cunningham Intervention team takes this challenge head on with a world class approach.

Ian Cunningham/ CIS - Certified Family Systemic Interventionist, Sexual Addiction Intervention Trained.

I am the owner and founder and I take pride in the results.